Faux Wood Blind

Faux Wood Blinds
Firenze’s Faux Wood Blinds is made from 100% PVC, so it is water repellent and heat resistant. It has outstanding and natural design, so it is similar to bass wood. It is suitable for wet places such as toilet and kitchen. It has 5 colors with the size of 50 mm.

**Recommendation: We recommend the chain control system and ladder string in case of installing in wet places

5 colors of Faux wood with the size of 50 mm.

SB-FW/5P | Grey Stripe
SB-FW/4P | Cream Stripe
SB-FW/3P | Walnut
SB-FW/2P | Chestnut
SB-FW/1S | Snow White


เทปบันได สำหรับมู่ลี่โฟวูด ( Faux wood ) มี 4 สี ขนาด 50 มม.

C50-1 | White
C50-4 | Walnut
C50-5 | Cherry
C50-6 | Chestnut


New Available

Water repellent: It is water repellent, so it would get rid of black mold and humidity problems.

Anti-bacteria: It is able to protect product from bacteria.

Frame retardant: In fire situation, it would not be fuel to spread or expand the fire.

Harmless: It has a guarantee from Oeko-Tex Standard 100 that the product is non-toxic.


Using wireless remote control with 1 and 5 channels together with wireless wall switch, Portable Single Channel (Port-1, Port-2), to control motorized wooden blinds simultaneously. Motor 13/4 could carry the weight of up to 2 wooden blinds.

  Motor system is the most convenient system since we use the motor to open and close wooden blinds. The motor that we use is Sonesse from Somfy. Its remote control has the radius of 200 metres. It could carry high weight with the maximum of 20 kilograms.